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Suzanne, Texas born, moved from Indiana to New Jersey back in 2003 to attend the Joe Kubert School for Cartoon Graphics. Suzanne had already completed Minnesota Art Instruction Schools for Basic Art.

During Suzanne's 3rd year of JKS she began working for Lulu Laughalot Entertainment LLC as a children's entertainer doing balloon twisting, face painting, and caricatures for four years until the change in economy gave her an opportunity to work as residential aid. Here Suzanne has started to use her knowledge of artwork and crafts to help other people in their lives.

Suzanne still does artwork when not doing at her job. Suzanne enjoys watercolors and digital painting, but also delves in various other crafts such as sculpture and paper crafting. She is also self taught in jewelry and sewing.

Suzanne is inspired by books, theology, mythology and 80's cartoons. Some of the names that have inspired Suzanne over the years are Kasai Ayumi, You Higuri, Kim DeMulder, Aubery Beardsley, Mark Shultz, Beatrice Potter, Don Bluth, Paul Kidby, Susan Seddon Boulet, and Rekin & Bass.

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